Kevin Quill-Actor

“Remarkable and chilling”

“Quill is amazing”

The Last Five Years

“Quill has many poignant moments onstage, giving the rock-edge to his voice a rest while singing some more somber songs that he brings emotion to so well.” – Broadway World Boston

“Nothing presents a problem as these talented performers traverse wide vocal ranges and stylistic influences, including pop, jazz, classical and rock.” – The Cape Cod Times

An Iliad

“It is remarkable and chilling theater, as he unerringly and unflinchingly chronicles humanity’s long history of war-making.” – The Cape Cod Times

“Reprising his role as the Poet is Kevin Quill who, with each performance, has brought new life to the show by implementing new and exciting elements into this work.” – Broadway World Boston

“Quill is amazing. For 100 minutes he regales us with what is happening, a monologue that is punctuated with emotion, several voices, and is non-stop intrigue. I almost became breathless for him as he captured my constant attention.” – The Cape Codder

Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.
~ Sanford Meisner

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